Petite Grilled Zucchini Sliced Sirloin

Leaner and with fewer calories than other cuts of beef, this steak is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and metabolism-boosting iron. The only downside is that the popular restaurant has recently announced that they would be closing 13 percent of their locations. Be sure to stay tune to see if the Ruby Tuesday in your neighborhood is set to close.

Price $300.00
  • 10 Min

  • 2 Serve

  • 150 Kcal

Ingredients &

  • Carrot
  • Tomato
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Spinach
  • Cheese
  • 2pc Carrot
  • 2pc Tomato
  • 1pc Salt
  • 3pc Garlic
  • 3pc Spinach
  • 3pc Cheese


Turkey Breast and Herb-Cornbread Stuffing

Turkey and dressing is a comfort-food classic, and this recipe makes it easy to enjoy the taste of Thanksgiving during the festive season or at any time of year. This comforting slow cooker dish combines everything in a single pot, making the turkey tender and stuffing rich and delicious. The herb-cornbread stuffing is particularly Southern, and we love the way it tastes, full of chopped onion and celery like many a homemade stuffing is on a traditional Thanksgiving table.

Wine-Braised Oxtails

Slow cooking oxtails (beefy cuts from the tail of a cow) with red wine and aromatic vegetables releases their rich flavor, creating a hearty, fork-tender stew that’s guaranteed to take the chill off a cold winter’s evening. These are delicately seasoned with fresh rosemary, and bay leaves, bringing their distinctive fragrances to the fore. You will love the taste of these cuts of meat, and you will savor how deliciously it all meshes together in the pot. Prepare this for a bold dinner and enjoy every intense and filling bite.

Creamy Slow Meatloaf Cooker Chicken

Think of this recipe as the foundation for a number of fantastic dishes that you can create in the kitchen, and the slow cooker as the extra set of hands that makes it so simple. Combining chicken breasts, mushrooms, seasoning, a creamy soup, and white wine, the results of this versatile recipe can be used in lots of innovative ways. Shred the cooked chicken, and toss with hot cooked pasta. You can create any number of delicious casseroles, or jump-start a filling for easy enchiladas or a fast pot pie.

Chicken-and-Spinach Carrots Lasagna

This take on the hearty Italian classic features chicken slow-cooked with spinach and carrots. By using the slow cooker, you also get to layer the lasagna noodles in without having to pre-cook them. This just makes everything simpler, which can be fantastic when you are pressed for time and need a weeknight quick-fix dinner. If you need an easy side to accompany this Chicken-and Spinach Lasagna, you’ll love this recipe: Toss 1 (5-oz.) package mixed salad greens with 2 cups each refrigerated unsweetened pink grapefruit sections and diced avocado, 1/2 cup sweetened dried cranberries, and 1/3 cup bottled poppy seed dressing.

Lemon-Rosemary Citrusy Chicken

You would be hard-pressed to find a quick-fix supper easier to prepare than our reader-favorite Lemon-Rosemary Chicken. All you need are 5 ingredients and 10 minutes of prep time to make this citrusy lemon-rosemary chicken for dinner. We use a four-pound whole chicken, a lemon, some rosemary and garlic, butter, and some salt and pepper. Four or so hours in the slow cooker and this chicken is ready to go. A few extra minutes under the broiler means the skin is browned and crispy. Let it rest ten minutes, and this dish is ready to plate, carve, and devour. The hardest part will be waiting.

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