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The meal choices at YoMeals are not very special as compared to other meal kits, but what's really special is that you are able to customize some of the meal choices. With some options, you can order double a specific nutrient without doubling the overall portions.

Andy Martin CEO, Lebast Technologies

With 10 weekly recipes to choose from, the very name YoMeals inspires fantasies of chef-designed recipes whose components you might have had to practice pronouncing. With minimal reheating required, it's like having mom cook for you.

Mary Turner MD, Julian & Co. Painters

We like YoMeals for its versatility in the different specific diet plans. They offer both Veg and Non-Veg, as well as gluten-free options. The price tag for YoMeals puts it squarely in the budget-friendly category.

Larry Walton CEO, Deepdile Communications

We, at Oprah Pharmaceuticals have enjoyed most of your meals so far and are looking forward to ordering more. The quality is good and most meals provide a filling dinner. Love the varied recipes offered weekly. Meals are also reasonably priced.

Oprah Rosenfeld CEO, Oprah Pharmaceuticals

Thank you so much for helping me with your wonderful meals. The individual packing of the clients’ orders is also a great idea.

Elon Allen Product Manager, AlySot Technologies

Excellent meals and reasonably priced. Will definitely recommend.

Martha Sandberg Designer, Bee Ziks Jewellers

Just had Vegan Spaghetti alla Puttanesca and it was like best ever. Thank you very much.

Walt Rockefeller Model, Lawrence Academy

I love the recipes they offer at YoMeals. I’m a fan.

Angela Megan Writer

I spend weeks making videos, and I can’t ask for a better companion than YoMeals. Wonderful recipes at an affordable price. What more can I ask for!

Marissa Walker YouTuber (10 M Subscribers)